Saturday, August 29, 2015

MUE6696 Week 1

I am in my third class at the University of Florida masters program and still loving it!  This class, MUE6696, is especially important to me because I am a huge fan of technology.

I have tried to implement technology into my music classes, but have hit a road block.  At my last job, I had a smart board, which was great in supporting concepts that I was teaching.  I used Smart Music, power point, and created different "boards" for my classes.  In addition, I found games that were great for music theory lessons.  Students would be able to participate by using the board.  It was wonderful.

Three years ago, I began the job that I am currently working.  The job is great, but the technology situation is a bit behind my last job.  I still try to use software with individuals.  For example, I use Smart Music with students who prepare solos for solo & ensemble contest. I also use Essential Elements Interactive, which adds a whole new dimension to student home practice. I also use this program for students who are learning a new instrument or are beginning band later than their classmates.

I use YouTube with my marching band in that I show them videos of their performances.  I also use YouTube to play recordings as many band recordings are now on this site.

With this class, I am hoping to expand on ideas of how to use technology to teach composition, music theory, and programs to help my students be better musicians than they already are.  I am excited to be starting this class, and cannot wait to "get into the thick of things"!